Toalson King Suite

The Toalson Suite Room is a spacious ground floor suite with a king-sized bed in the master bedroom and a twin-sized bed in an alcove bedroom. It also has a galley kitchen and a living room with a fireplace and a large HD-TV. The large bathroom features a whirlpool tub and a separate tiled shower. The private deck with gorgeous views to the north are perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.

Additional room amenities include satellite TV, DVD player, and free wireless Internet access, and a selection of complimentary Texas beverages including sodas and locally bottled water & sparkling water.

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Namesake Story

It has been said that Kyle came into existence because of the railroad. The tracks reached Buda on September 1st, Kyle on September 10th and San Marcos on October 2, 1880. They reached San Antonio on February 16, 1881, finally reaching Laredo in the latter part on 1881.

The busiest time for the railroad in Kyle was between 1910 and 1940. During the early part of this time all passenger and carload business was by rail. Kyle had the largest stock pens of any small station, and there were times when ranchers ordered as many as fifty cars to ship their stock. Earnest Toalson was one of the ranchers at that time, along with Kuykendall and Nance.

Not much is known of Earnest, but it is known that he did not have a homestead on his ranch, which is now the Halifax ranch owned by J.M. Johnson (just past the Michaelis ranch on the left on your way to the Inn from Kyle). He chose to ride his horse from town out to his ranch every day. It is also known that his first wife was procured by mail order out of Oklahoma. It was the talk of the town – people had long ago decided that he would never marry. This woman’s black hair, Louise remembers as she walked by their house every day from the age of 11 on. After this first Mrs. Toalson died, Earnest married a widow named Mrs. White. She and his old maid sister, Belle Toalson, all lived together in his home on Center Street. When the Baptist Church on Center Street remodeled and needed more property, the house was moved by Jim Dwyer and added on to (It is next to the present Arrowhead Trading Co., 421 S. Hwy 81).

The ranch now houses three generations of the Johnson family. When I entered that property and went to the river for the first time I thought I was twelve years old again and back at an idyllic hill country camp with canoes ready to take me for a pleasure trip on the Blanco!

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