Wallace King Room

Relax and rekindle with a romantic Texas getaway in the Wallace King Room at our Hill Country inn. This third floor walk-up room of the main Sage Hill building opens up onto the huge Sage Hill porch with a sweeping view of the Texas Hill Country sunsets.

The Wallace Room also features a faux down king size bed with fireplace, oversized bathroom with whirlpool tub, and a double shower and bay windows facing west. Other amenities include a wireless internet access, large HD television, DVD player, small refrigerator, coffeemaker and a selection of complimentary Texas beverages including locally bottled water, sodas and sparkling water.

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Namesake Story

To build a town, lumber is a necessary material since most of the buildings were constructed of wood. Two men arrive in Kyle and went into competition: H.C. Wallace and J.A. Thompson. H.C. Wallace, born in Missouri into a family which had freed its slaves, joined the Army of the Confederacy because of the strong feelings of the Wallace family for “States Rights.” A short time after the Civil War ended, Wallace arrived in Columbus, Texas. He later moved to Schulenburg where he married Julia Lawrence Frierson, daughter of a pioneer family of that area. The Wallaces were living in Rockdale where they operated a lumber company where they heard about the new town of Kyle. Wallace took the first train to cross the Colorado River enroute to Kyle to buy a site for his lumber yard. In February, 1881 he loaded his merchandise in five box cars and moved it to Kyle, leaving his family in Rockdale until after their fourth child was born. After the arrival of Charles David, the family was reunited in Kyle where Mrs. Wallace was known for her many acts of kindness. While Kyle was without a doctor, Mrs. Wallace, who was a trained nurse, was called many times to deliver babies, never charging for her services. On Tuesdays she baked bread for the old, the needy and for friend in Kyle, getting up at four A.M. to be able to accomplish this very thoughtful deed.

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