Couple relaxing at our Texas Hill Country Spa Resort Near Austin

Enhance Your Experience with a Sage Hill Spa Package

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit while enjoying luxurious pampering at our Texas Hill Country spa resort near Austin. The Spa offers carefully selected body and skin treatments to expand your senses, quiet the mind and enrich your appearance. We are committed to giving you the best possible results with the best products. We want you to feel better. Whether you are staying with us at the inn, or you are rewarding yourself with a day trip, we are ready to create the spa experience that is just right for you!

Fresh salad on table at our Texas Hill Country Spa Resort

Our goal is to expand the way you experience the peaceful environment at our Hill Country inn. Not only can you get a massage or facial at our Texas day spa, but you can also enjoy lunch with a special spa package.

Premium Spa Packages

View our curated packages below or call us to create your own. Prepare for your experience with our frequently asked questions and spa policies. To make an appointment, please call us at (512) 268-1617. Appointment slots for day-guests are available Monday – Thursday only.

Sage Hill Signature Package

Take all day to relax and rejuvenate yourself and feel utterly serene with our longest spa package. Includes a full body salt scrub to exfoliate and polish the skin and a soothing herbal wrap that relaxes away stress, conditions the skin, and detoxifies the body. Includes your choice of Swedish or therapeutic/deep tissue massage and a gentle Sage Hill facial to pamper you from head to toe.

Allow 3 ½ hours—$385
Allow 4 hours—$430


Your Own Private Paradise

Make our garden your private paradise for the day. This package starts with a full body salt scrub to refine the surface of the skin, followed by your choice of a 1-hour Swedish or therapeutic/deep tissue massage, and finishes with our gentle Sage Hill facial.

Allow 2 ½ hours—$310
Allow 3 hours—$355

Pick Three Package

Relax and escape with a customized treatment. Your choice of three 30-minute treatments listed below. Allow 1.5 hours—$185

  • Mini Facial
  • Back and Shoulders Massage
  • Neck and Scalp Massage
  • Reflexology
  • AromaTouch
  • Foot Scrub


Stress Reliever Package

The go-to choice for relaxation and reducing stress. Includes your choice of a 1-hour Swedish or therapeutic/deep tissue massage, followed by a luxurious, facial with a hand and foot massage.
Allow 2 hours—$230
Allow 2 ½ hours—$275

Couples getting massage at our Texas Hill Country Spa Resort

Individual Spa Services

View our list of individual spa services to add to your package or enjoy during your stay at the inn.